Re-imagining Quality Assurance for Digital and Beyond

By Ajay Emmanuel | April 12, 2017


Last month I was invited as a speaker at Global Testing Retreat 2017(#ATAGTR2017) which is perhaps the greatest Agile testing conference in India.

My talk Focusing Test Managers time on what matters focused on how digital transformational programs are putting pressure on QA & testing function and therefore the need to reinvent.

The key theme of the conference revolved around the next wave of Quality Assurance,on how to evolve as test teams to deliver Quality@Speed, on how to accelerate test automation,and most of all moving from a IT focused test role to a business focused QA.

Quality @ Speed

Demands for speed quality and cost require QA to rethink the quality validation and testing activities. Standard automation and test-cases are no longer enough. To address this QA & Testing experts should be fully integrated with agile teams.They must take a business centric approach to choosing right test focus areas and creating nimble processes such as BDD to define acceptable criteria that can be automated , leverage techniques such as mind maps.

All this require skill not just in testing but in business understanding, development and new tool technologies as well.QA Professionals need to move away from an execution mindset to that of transformation,and move focus from test execution tools to that of strategy capabilities.

The conference gave a platform for all of us to share the current challenges with Agile test practices and realize the need for test teams to acquire new capabilities - to become tester’s of the future, especially with the growth in cloud based environments and analytics capabilities for DevOps.

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