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By VIEW26 | April 21, 2017


There’s no doubt that Excel is widely used as a tool for Software QA analysis and reporting. Whether one clamors to pivot tables,build macros or invoke the function wizard, the instinct to turn to Excel for analytical tasks is undeniable.

At the same time there are 4 areas where Excel is inflexible, time consuming or just simply can’t get the job done.

4 capabilities you need in Excel for Software QA Professionals

Flexible Charts - Sure Excel lets you create charts. But when you want to change a chart to add new data or view as a new type of chart, you have to start from scratch. Why re-create the wheel at every turn?

Instant Dashboard - All though its possible to create Dashboard in excel , creating a instant dashboard where you are able to see all the factors that impact a question takes programming expertise and is time consuming.

Cross Tool Data Analysis & Exploration - It becomes really complex to prepare reports when data is spread across different test tools. Exporting data to excel sheet is time-consuming and creating the right model in Excel is time wasted developing your analysis instead of spending time actually analyzing.

Reporting - Out-of-date data, error-prone analytics, multiple versions of the same file circulating among colleagues, too much manual involvement — these are just a few of the frustrations commonly associated with Excel. Our survey across test organizations showed that a test manager spends anywhere between 20-40 minutes preparing test reports.

Go Beyond Excel to analyze your Software QA Data

Using Excel data in VIEW26 is fast and easy. Simply choose your spreadsheet, and VIEW26 will recognize your rows and columns so you can start exploring right away. All you need to do is perform the Entity and Field mapping to perform cross tool analysis & reporting. You have your instant dashboard & one click reporting ready all within 5 minutes.

Plug n play software testing tools

Plug n play software testing tools

VIEW26 enables powerful aggregation and correlation across all the tools in case you need to combine Excel Sheet data with other data from ALM/Test management tools.

Instant charts & KPI’s

Instant charts & KPI’s

VIEW26 equips you to instantly start analyzing your Excel data using pre-defined charts and KPI’s designed specifically for QA professionals. Slice and dice your data across any system or user defined fields to build the perfect chart.

One-click sharing of reports

One-click sharing of reports

With VIEW26 you can create report from standard templates or create your own with a drag and drop report builder. You can add custom annotations where required and share your report to any user with a single click.

VIEW26 offers capabilities that extend your QA analytics toolkit in ways that bring instant insights and reporting. See for yourself what VIEW26 can bring to you.

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