VIEW26 Scrum Standup Manager for Jira

Agile scrum standup right in Jira for remote teams. Make the most out of your Scrum ceremonies..
VIEW26 Scrum Standup Manager for Jira
daily remote scrum on jira


Capturedaily updates intuitively

Go beyond jira comments. Scrum Manger helps your team have the right conversations.
Answer the 3 Questions
Daily updates template gives teams a simple structure to organize their meeting and keep teammates accountable.
daily standups right in Jira

Fun and effective daily standups

Keep a tab of the time taken by each developer, and also the total time remaining for the standup. All these to ensure that the team is investing the standup time more wisely and effectively.
Have a precise and time-bound discussion
Focus on what matters! Key issues & bottlenecks
Scrum Standup Manager for Jira


Tracking progress made easier than ever

With Summary Cards, it's easy to get context on blockers, and assign follow-up tasks with stakeholders to get things unblocked and handed off.
Followup Card
Make daily standup meetings efficient and keep record of what you discussed. .
Sprint Reports
Check out scrum effectiveness with Burn-down & summary reports
daily remote scrum on jira

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